Executive Director

  • The Hyams Foundation
  • Boston, MA
  • Aug 17, 2020

Job Description

The Hyams Foundation (Hyams) seeks an Executive Director who will further its mission to advance racial, economic, and social justice and build power in low-income communities and communities of color across Boston and Chelsea, Massachusetts. Hyams is committed to dismantling the systems of oppression that create persistent, racialized economic disparities and strives to create a future of collective liberation and equitable access, opportunities, and outcomes for all. Hyams’ next Executive Director will join the organization on the eve of its centennial, at a moment when its mission has particular resonance. The COVID-19 pandemic and continued police killings of black and brown people only reinforce its resolve to be part of movements to abolish white supremacy, advance racial justice through structural change, and center the leadership and experiences of frontline communities.

Hyams nurtures close, collaborative, and respectful relationships with its grantees, community partners, and fellow funders to address intersectional challenges and their root causes. The Foundation’s responsive and strategic grantmaking strengthens the base of community power in Boston and Chelsea and has helped develop networks and alliances that are advancing education justice, workers’ rights and community wealth building, anti-displacement, and equitable development, and immigrants’ rights. Hyams complements its traditional grantmaking with the program- and mission-related investments and plays an active role in building the local movement infrastructure through convenings and capacity-building efforts.

The Hyams Foundation is supported by eight staff and ten trustees, the majority of whom are people of color, including those in leadership positions. Hyams is supported by an endowment of $127 million (as of April 2020) and has an FY2020 operating budget of $7.7 million. In FY2019, the Foundation distributed $4.8 million in grants and in FY2020 expects to distribute nearly $5.1 million.

Hyams seeks an Executive Director who shares its commitment to furthering racial justice and community-led transformation. The next Executive Director will work closely with board and staff to ensure that Hyams’ approach is grounded in the lived experiences of its community partners and that its internal culture is just and inclusive. A grassroots and community organizing orientation is critical to the role, as is experienced with policy and systems change and involvement in movements that advance black and brown and other marginalized communities.

The Executive Director will be an accomplished leader who successfully demonstrates skill as a facilitator, collaborator, and convener, with colleagues and with partners in the field. Key attributes include transparency, accountability, creativity, empathy, self-awareness, and a willingness both to challenge and to learn. Staff and financial management expertise are required. Familiarity with philanthropy, as a grantmaker or grantee; endowment and investment management; and mission- and program-related investing is preferred.