College President

  • Peralta Community College District
  • Oakland, CA
  • Jul 09, 2020
Higher Education 2-year Institutions Executive

Job Description


College President
Salary Range:  $172,931 - $219,046/yr
Application Deadline: Open Until Filled. First Review Date: September 1, 2020; In order to be considered for the first screening, application materials must be submitted no later than 11:59 pm PST on August 31, 2020.

The College President

This position offers a unique opportunity to lead a key college in the San Francisco Bay Area. The successful candidate will provide energetic and creative leadership to the college as it seeks the fulfillment of its mission and goals.

College Presidents in the Peralta Community College District serve as executive officers and responsible agents for the total operation of the college as directed by the Chancellor. The President has full authority to administer and manage the college and participates in district policy making. The President reports directly to the Chancellor.

The President plans, organizes, develops and recommends goals and objectives and oversees recommendations for the selection of personnel. Working within limits established by Board policies and Chancellor's directives, the President develops and administers the college budget and serves on committees and councils as directed by Board policies or the Chancellor.

The President has a major role is assessing, planning, and implementing capital projects funded by bond measures.

The President should maintain effective working relationships with faculty, students, and staff, as well as other educational institutions. The President must have knowledge of community college educational philosophy and top management administrative practices and procedures, as well as college curricula and instructional programs. The President must promote a student-centered culture that ensures access, sustains educational excellence, fosters student development and supports high levels of student achievement.

The President works independently for the college, making decisions based upon Board policies, district goals and Chancellor directives and participates as a member of the Chancellor's senior management team for the District. The President establishes cooperative relationships in a multicultural, urban community, and must be able to communicate effectively orally and in writing, and make effective public presentations.

Each of Peralta's colleges has programs of distinction that require unique and specialized skills. The successful candidate will possess a skill set that matches the requirements of Laney College and will be expected to demonstrate a proven ability to continue to expand on the college's commitment and work in achieving excellence in education and service for students and the community.

Individuals are invited to apply who are interested in joining a team of educational leaders who understand the principles and distinction of excellence in management and commitment to visionary leadership, and who are committed to community service and academic excellence.

The Chancellor will consider educational background, professional experience, accomplishments, reputation, and character in the search for the President.

Professional Qualifications and Personal Characteristics

The President of the Laney College will:
  • Possess a master's degree from an accredited college or university, which is required. An earned doctorate is highly preferred.
  • A minimum of five years of senior level management experience, preferably in a community college environment.
  • Be a strong leader of the campus that assures the college responds in a timely and appropriate manner to the educational needs of students and the community.
  • Demonstrate evidence of a thorough understanding of and commitment to the comprehensive community college mission, as described in the College's mission statement.
  • Be a credible academic leader who understands teaching and learning, and is guided by student needs in his/her decision-making.
  • Be a strong visionary leader with successful administrative and teaching experience, preferably in a community college.
  • Be a resourceful advocate for the college who will lead in the development of alternative sources of revenue to expand programs and services.
  • Be an effective communicator who can lead the development and promotion of a shared vision of the college to both internal and external college constituents.
  • Be a politically astute leader who understands and appreciates complex political organizations and is confident of his/her ability to lead effectively in a multi-cultural, urban environment.
  • Demonstrate a proven capacity to administer budget and financial management operations.
  • Be a well-respected leader who maintains integrity and high ethical standards, and engenders trust.
  • Be an effective change agent who, while addressing the needs of the college community, respects, encourages, and supports responsible risk-taking as a vehicle to strengthen the college.
  • Be a team-builder who attracts excellent management talent, brings out the best in their abilities, and who will mentor and develop leadership abilities in others.
  • Be a skillful manager with a commitment to empowering members of the leadership team, both individually and collectively, to accomplish specific goals and objectives.
  • Be committed to learning, understanding, and interfacing with the city of Oakland and surrounding communities.
  • Be an accessible leader who takes the responsibility to insure his/her appropriate availability to the college community.
  • Demonstrate competency through understanding, sensitivity, and respect for the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural and multicultural, linguistic, disability and ethnic backgrounds of community college students.
  • Be a builder of partnerships with a proven record of successful collaboration between the college, the district office, and the external communities, including business, government and community agencies.
  • Be an action-oriented leader who will move the college community from discussion to action in addressing important issues facing the college.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively build morale and to motivate and relate to students, faculty, and staff.
  • Be an effective communicator both orally and in writing who will represent the college with pride and dignity in the larger community.
  • Be a self-assured leader who is comfortable with the spirited dialogue and diverse opinions and life-styles that are part of an urban multicultural environment.
Institutional Needs and Related Selection Criteria

Enhance Laney College's comprehensive community college mission and values:
  • Ability to articulate a vision and extend the understanding and implementation of the comprehensive community college mission to all of Laney College constituencies.
  • Capacity to maintain, develop and direct appropriate and innovative curricula, including applied technology education/training, general education/transfer programs, continuing and community education, and community service.
  • Ability to promote economic development in the Peralta Community College District and the state by timely responsiveness to the training needs of local business and industry.
Provide administrative leadership for the present and future of Laney College:
  • Demonstrated commitment to the achievement of excellence in all elements of institutional operations.
  • Proven leadership skills with a decisive, yet open, participatory and consultative approach.
  • Ability to build a dynamic, productive administrative team, by selecting multicultural competent staff members, effectively delegating responsibilities and requiring appropriate accountability.
  • Demonstrated commitment to the recruitment, selection and retention of strong faculty and staff, including supporting viable compensation and professional development.
  • Demonstrated experience supporting and/or developing curricular and extracurricular programs which enhance the development and learning of all students, including those with varying cultural and ethnic background abilities, disabilities and levels of college readiness.
  • Proven ability to relate to a diverse student body and its issues, and to focus on what is important for students when making decisions.
  • Awareness of and commitment to the use of technology in the delivery of programs and the maintenance of institutional data and information.
  • Skill in strategic/master planning and implementation processes.
  • Recognition of the important role all parts of the college (e.g., academic and applied technology programs, student services, libraries, public relations, development, physical plant, etc.) play in the overall contribution to education.
  • Proven ability to lead, direct and manage organizational and fiscal resources while delegating appropriate decision-making authority to divisions and departments.
Encourage and support increased diversity, including race, ethnicity, personal belief, religion, disability, age, and/or sexual orientation, and under-represented groups:
  • Commitment to keep the college accessible to a diverse urban population and to diverse personal, cultural, economic and ethnic values.
  • Sensitivity and commitment to the crucial role that diversity and pluralism play in a community college.
  • Experience with successful implementation of effective equal opportunity, affirmative action, and nondiscrimination policies and programs.
  • Demonstration of a commitment to increase the numbers of minority students, faculty and staff through effective recruitment, retention, and development programs.
  • Demonstrated success in developing and/or implementing multicultural curriculum development.
  • Demonstrated success in developing and/or implementing pedagogies and student service strategies designed to meet the needs of a diverse student body.
  • Demonstrated success in developing and implementing programs to enhance student equity.
  • Applicant must have demonstrated cultural competency, sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college staff, faculty, and students.
Fundraising and general support for the college:
  • Ability to develop effective relationships with the Peralta Colleges Foundation, the PCCD Board of Trustees, and other constituencies to promote general and financial support for the College.
  • Ability to create and successfully administer capital campaigns, private fund-raising, and other development activities.
  • Encourage and support external funding and innovative programs.
  • Ability to develop strong partnerships with business and industry for mutual benefit.
  • Commitment to maintain and establish positive relationships and partnerships with the other colleges and universities.
  • Ability to develop strong alumni relations.
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