The Kelly Brush Foundation

The Kelly Brush Foundation Burlington, VT
Aug 17, 2020
The Kelly Brush Foundation (the KBF or the Foundation), a dynamic and growing national nonprofit organization, located in Burlington, Vermont seeks an energetic and entrepreneurial institution-builder as the next executive director to lead the Foundation and shape its future. The next executive director will work to advance KBF’s mission of inspiring and empowering people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) to lead active and engaged lives. It is the mission of the Foundation that everyone with an SCI can enjoy the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of an active lifestyle. The KBF was founded by Kelly Brush and her family after Kelly suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury in 2006 at an NCAA alpine ski race. While the organization started as a single local event – the Kelly Brush Ride – today the Foundation is a nationally recognized, mission-oriented thought leader in the SCI community and the adaptive sports world. The KBF has built a passionate base of...