America's Promise Alliance

America's Promise Alliance Washington, DC
Aug 17, 2020
America’s Promise Alliance invites nominations and applications for the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This position calls for an entrepreneurial CEO who will lead both the organization and its Alliance of 450 member institutions from the nonprofit and business sectors to realize the organization’s recently adopted strategic vision to become a voice and powerful advocate for America’s young people. America’s Promise Alliance was born from The Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, a convening of 3,000 participants, including 5 Presidents and 1 First Lady, 25 governors, 9 lieutenant governors, 92 mayors, 122 business leaders, 7 cabinet members, and representatives from 145 communities across the United States, held in Philadelphia, PA, in April 1997. That extraordinary event brought together thousands of leaders from across the country to refocus the nation’s attention on the needs of children and youth. Attended by...