Raaka Chocolate

Raaka Chocolate Brooklyn, NY
Aug 17, 2020
Hey there! At Raaka, we make unroasted dark chocolate. We love sharing the bold, fruity, and tangy flavors present in unroasted cocoa beans. We’re passionate about innovation, and we’re constantly exploring what’s possible in chocolate. As proof, we make two totally unique limited batch chocolates each month for our First Nibs monthly chocolate subscription. We make all of our product from bean-to-bar at our factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We’re driven by a passion for operating in ways that maximize positive social and environmental impact. We buy fine flavor cacao directly from cocoa cooperatives, paying above fair trade prices under our Transparent Trade commitments. We’re proud to have built a culture of respect, creativity, and open, honest, direct feedback where folks can bring their full selves to work. We’re committed to increasing employee ownership. We’re seeking a CEO who aligns with our values, is...