Knox College

Knox College Galesburg, Illinois
Aug 17, 2020
Knox College, academically the most distinguished national liberal arts college in Illinois and a paradigmatic College That Changes Lives , seeks a new President, with a target appointment date of July 1, 2021. An independent, four-year, residential baccalaureate institution of approximately 1,200 students (from 45 states and—pre-COVID—49 countries), Knox currently offers 60 courses of study with a student-faculty ratio of 11-1. As the Prairie Fire , Knox fields 18 varsity sports in the Division III Midwest Conference, with particular recent success in women’s and men’s soccer. The College’s enduring hallmarks, dating from its founding in 1837 by abolitionists, are academic rigor; student access without regard to gender, race or financial circumstances; a social justice ethos and a supportive, richly elaborated student culture that inspires high affinity and loyal, active alumni devotion. The word alumni use most often in describing their Knox...